Monday, June 15, 2009

Hank’s Big Adventure Blog 6-15-09

When it comes to losing weight, you have to remember a couple of things. 1. The weight you are trying to lose is weight you want to lose for good. 2. Some days you’ll have outstanding success and others you won’t. 3. What you had to eat yesterday has ABSOLUTELY no bearing on today’s success.

I had a ground-breaking day last week that really affected how I’ve approached my week, this week. I had come off a day in which I had eaten more than I should have, felt so off the tracks and drained of energy, that I didn’t think I could have a good eating day. I was hungry, bingey and felt a lot of negativity. The previous day’s failure was dragging me down.

Driving home from work on Route 93 from Dorchester to Medford, I battled those invasive food thoughts in my head. I tried to rationalize my plan for the upcoming day. Would I let myself have a less than desired eating day…suffer emotionally from it, yet not do anything about it. OR… would I try and change direction and battle my desire to give in to the food craving I was experiencing.

Once I got to my off ramp in Medford, I immediately drove to Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Winchester. ( When I tell you I was feeling negative, obsessive compulsive and totally out of control, I am not exaggerating at all. I’ve never done drugs, but that desire to obtain my next “high”….in my case “a food high”, was overwhelming.

Reflecting on my past 25 years of failure and the success I’ve had in losing 120 pound in the last 13 months, I knew I couldn’t revert back to past bad behaviors.

I got to the gym, got into that positive environment, and slowly felt better and better as I worked out. I felt so good about not only my decision to go, but how I felt physically, that it again taught me something. Sitting through a feeling…the need to eat or binge or consume…will pass, especially if you fight it and turn to a positive alternative.

That decision to work out made a huge difference in my week, mentally and physically. When you are down and out in our mental approach, physical success is difficult to achieve. I call it the “Costanza Theory” from Seinfeld. George, in this particular episode, decides to do everything the opposite of how he usually does things. He suddenly starts having success, indicating he’s done everything wrong in the past.

Try the “Constanza Theory”. It will work for you if you want it to!!!

Happy June!