Tuesday, December 2, 2008


There are 29 days left in the year and December is traditionally the toughest month of the year when it comes to eating. There are holiday parties, goodies around the office, sweet smells in the air, Christmas Eve celebrations, Christmas dinner and of course, the leftovers. Then there's New Year's Eve and for many of us, Chinese food on New Year's Day.

It comes as no surprise that the scale registers higher than it did after even Thanksgiving during such a gluttonous season. I just decided yesterday, that I'm giving myself the gift of exercise for Christmas. I made a committment to exercise every day for the rest of the year and the reasons are simple. I've lost 100 pounds and want to wrap up the year on a high note. I want to ski this winter with my daughters. I still need to lose 50-75 pounds and the momentum from an active month will propel me in that direction. Lastly, I ALWAYS feel better after I've exercised. ALWAYS!

I've fought a stomach bug and then a bad cold over the last three weeks and haven't exercised as much as usual. I worked out today, Tuesday, at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Winchester, www.bodybyboyle.com and I feel SO energized. I love the Nike slogan....."Just Do It".........you'll always feel better if you "Just Do It".

During the holiday season, make sure to follow your conscience and get in your exercise, even if you've pigged out grossly, been gluttonous and out of control. Youl feel better if you "Just Do It."

Happy Holidays!