Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 21 Hank’s Big Adventure Blog

One of the great ways to aid in your weight loss is writing all of your activities down. I know…..some of you think it’s a pain in the rear end. It is. BUT……it gives you a great reference point to see where you are succeeding and failing. ALSO….when you have a great day….write down what you did, how you felt and what made it a great day. Record your sleep, water and food intake, exercise, what you did at work, etc. See if there are additional signs that point to why you succeeded. Maybe something good happened at work to bouy your spirits.

When you have a bad day, write that down too. Also, the practice of writing things down will help you focus on the positive aspects involved with losing weight and distract you from eating. I always need a distraction mid morning and mid afternoon, typically the times that I struggle with eating and stress.

Recording what works and doesn’t and how you feel while you’re experiencing success and failure, will lead to improved weight loss over time.

Burn baby, burn. Say goodbye to fat!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hank's Blog 4/7/09

The Red Sox season is underway and you know what that means, right? Summer is right around the corner. That means warm, weather, fewer clothes and outdoor activities.

If you are overweight, I’ve got some ideas for you to put to use, so that you enjoy this spring and summer more than last year.

1. Buy a notebook
2. Buy a water bottle
3. Find a good attitude

So, here what I want you to do.

For the next week, write down everything you eat, whether it’s good, bad, ugly, fattening, whatever. Don’t lie. Be exact. It doesn’t matter how much it is. The key is to write it down. Too many of us engage in unconscious eating. Keep an accurate log of your intake. If you aren’t going to be honest with yourself don’t even do it. That would be a waste of time.

Drink at least eight ounces of water before every snack and every meal.

Enjoy any small progress you make. When you under take a weight loss program, it’s the mental approach that derails most people. It’s all between the ears. When I decided to try to lose 175 pounds, I had to prepare myself for a long journey. I knew I couldn’t do it in six months time. I’ve lost 115 pounds in 11 months and still have 60 to go. I do my best to enjoy moving better, fitting into a pair of pants or a shirt, or even being able to walk a little bit farther. Take pleasure if you get through a certain point of the day and meet your eating expectations. When the Red Sox won the World Series, they did it out by out, inning by inning, game by game. They were small steps the whole season. They didn’t win 100 games in one good week. When you put all the small successes together, you end up with a major accomplishment.

Win more of the battles than you lose and you will win the weight loss war!